Whenever people find out that I do some sculpting, they always ask me, "Do you have a website?"  I don't know if in their mind that's proof that I am a legitimate artist or if they just want to see some of my work. I think it's the latter but I may be wrong. I guess in my mind, a website is some kind of statement that a person or organization is legitimate.  Remember when it was a business card?

Of course the whole website thing could just be their way of saying, "I'll decide if you're really an artist after I look at some of your work on your website." Which being translated means, "I'll check out some of your art when you're not around so I can laugh at it without hurting your feelings."

Lord knows there's plenty of people out there who like to think of themselves as an artist but, in truth, are really lousy artists!

I'm just sayin'.

To be honest, the website deal is a dilemma. Ideally, you'd like to be selling some of your art in order to pay the fees for your site.  

In my mind, I always thought I needed a few more pieces to show in order to merit a website. So, over the past few years I have gone back and forth. I did have a site and then I didn't.  Then I had another one and now I don't. It's the whole tension between having the work to show and selling enough of it to pay for the site in the first place. 

Which came first, the chicken or the website? 

So.......once again, I am attempting to get a little traffic by my art.  There's only so much time for an avocation between a full-time career and a family. However, I have sold several pieces from each of my editions.  I feel a bit of accomplishment knowing that "I have clients" in places like Dallas, San Antonio, Jackson Hole and Colorado Springs.  I had one in Chicago too, but he moved to Dallas, which really wrecked the cosmopolitan clout of my client list.  One of my pieces is showcased at the business school of a university in the midwest.  A few years ago another piece of mine went for over $9000 at a fundraiser for a prestigious fly-fishing tournament in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I guess that would make me a legitimate artist. But without a website, who's to say?

So, here we go again.  If for no other reason, when asked if I have a website, I'll be able to say, "Why yes, yes I do."