The Paul Wilson Studio accepts commissions for custom sculptures. If you have an idea in mind for the perfect sculpture in your home, office, lobby, garden or other space, I would love to discuss it with you.

As an artist, I want to see two important priorities honored in my commissioned work. First and foremost, I want to see a client's idea brought to reality in bronze to their complete satisfaction. I also desires the opportunity to see my unique artistic perspective brought to bear on any piece upon which I will etch my signature. Working together with clients offers me the opportunity for a collaborative experience that seeks the satisfaction of both the client and artist.

Pricing for commissioned artwork is subject to several considerations. If a client wishes for a truly unique piece that only they will possess, the price of such a work is considerably more expensive. However, a commissioned work that can also be available for purchase by other clients allows the raw cost of a bronze sculpture to be spread out over the size of an edition.

Whether it is a unique idea, a personal subject or a specific niche for which you need the perfect piece of art, I welcome the opportunity to serve you.