Nobody would even think of building the house of their dreams without a set of blueprints. Yet that is exactly how most people go about living their one and only life. They have a head and a heart full of dreams for how they’d like to live their life with absolutely no plan for how to go about it.

It is sad to think how many noble dreams and worthwhile ambitions are lost to our world because of a lack of focus and the failure to plan.

I am committed to helping as many people as I can discover what it is to live their life with greater purpose and passion. After thirty years of experience in helping people think wisely about their life, I have developed a guided approach for assisting others to pursue their ambitions and enjoy the fulfillment that comes with their success.

"The Life Diet" is a look at the five critical arenas of life that have a profound influence on our personal happiness and sense of fulfillment. It is less about losing weight and more about living wisely. "The Life Diet" is a strategic approach to a more purpose-filled life. 

Some of life's deepest "hunger pangs" come from our soul, not our stomach. They have more to do with feelings than food. And those feelings are often sourced in five critical dimensions of our life far beyond the kitchen.

If you’re ready to live your life with greater focus, I’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you in a process for getting your life in better shape. I offer a variety of arrangements for your participation. Let’s discuss a workable plan designed to assist you in building a strategic plan for your life’s goals, while providing you the accountability and encouragement to support your hard work.

The best time to begin is right now. The time is going to pass anyways. You might as well make the best use of the time you have. The only other option is to wake up someday in the backwash of regret at the realization that you missed out on some of the best years of your life.