Few things bring me more satisfaction than helping people better understand the adventure of life. Seeing the lights of discovery turn on in an audience's face is about as it good as it gets from where I stand as a teacher. I am enamored by wisdom in its many different facets and long to live my life as wisely as possible. The lessons I am learning about wisdom in relationships, finances, career, and personal well-being are some of the subjects I love to share with other people as a teacher.

A wide range of interests and experiences provide me with a unique perspective on most any topic.

Some of my favorite topics include: 

Spiritual Journey
Contemporary Issues
Practical Theology
Sexual Intimacy
Men's Issues
Life Mapping

I have experience speaking in large and small, formal and informal environments.  I have served numerous clients at retreats, seminars, workshops and conferences for both secular and religious organizations. My comfortable and conversational delivery style coupled with a very practical approach to my subjects has kept audiences engaged for over thirty years of speaking.